Wyndham Points Timeshares: Real Deal or Scam???

I’ve recently read some posts that describe horrible experience a couple had with their timeshare. They bought it for $10,000 at the typical pressured timeshare presentation six years ago, only been to the place three times within the six years, paying around $500 maintenance fee annually and at this point just want to get rid of it.

Obviously, this wasn’t a good deal, but your timeshares experience doesn’t have to be like theirs.  Yes, timeshare experience could be great or horrible for you, depending on how much you pay for the timeshare deed, its popularity and location, what week it is, and also how you use it.

If you agree to buy a timeshare after a two hour presentation from a timeshare salesman and after you see the price dropping from $32,000 down to $18,785 (don’t ask me what math they use but they must be a Ph.D. in math in order to come up to this figure), but only for you and only right now, well guess what, you just got scammed! They will make you believe that “buying vacation ownership is going to be one of the most important decisions in your lifetime…bla bla bla…and greatest investment… bla bla bla…” and yes, you could end up paying your second mortgage for your “dream vacation ownership” your whole life, if you did not get a good deal on your timeshare.

Having said all that, let me tell you, timeshares could be great  for you!  You can use them for your vacations, you can use them to make some extra money, and if you’re tired of dealing with them, you can resell them! Of course, it’s hard to resell your timeshare if you purchased it for over $5,000.

Wyndham Orlando International Resort Club

Wyndham Orlando International Resort Club

Wyndham (formerly known as Fairfield) timeshares are very popular among timeshare owners and timeshare exchange companies. Wyndham Worldwide has taken over management of Fairfield Resorts in 2007 and became one of the largest timeshare companies in the world.  They make your life very easy when you want to choose your vacation destination among Wyndham Vacation Resorts  with their easy reward points program.  Every time you use your Wyndam resort timeshare, you earn points.  If you can’t go this year, think about people you know, your parents, kids, friends…  You could be sending off your friends to your favorite Wyndham vacation resort, also giving them an opportunity to have their dream vacation at a reasonable price while you’d be earning your Wynham reward points. Wyndham points are exchangeable with another popular vacation ownership exchange point system – RCI (Resort Condominiums International).

The reason I like Wyndham points time shares is for their structure, customer service, reward points, more than 6,000 worldwide locations around the globe, including Wingate by Wyndham, Ramada, Days Inn and Baymont Inn & Suites, available from Wyndham and Wyndham Worldmark. Their reward points can be used toward thousand of redemption options such as free nights, gift cards, car rentals and even airline tickets. Wyndham resorts have activities for the whole family. They even have babysitting service for the children so that you can enjoy going out late with your spouse, inside or even outside of the resort.

Of course, like any other timeshare, depending where you get your Wyndham timeshare, you could get a good deal or not. The cost of a timeshare depends largely on location, the unit size and season. According to the RCI, the average timeshare sells today for approximately $14,800. To me this still seems to be a high price to pay for a timeshare.

Internet is a great place to find cheap Wyndham timeshares.  Read all the details for the deals you find, no matter where you find them, and if you see something you like, go for it as it will not sit there forever!

Find out more about Wyndham Points Timeshares.


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